I don’t like white candles

I don’t like white candles on my altar. Really, they make me feel uncomfortable and the energy raised just doesn’t feel right. It appears I’m not the only one that feels that way, at the pub moot I spoke to like-minded witches who felt the same. As we talked about it, we also felt that used candles are not right either. Just as we all agreed that a non-white 100% beeswax candle is the only way to go for a sensible witch, this character shows up saying she is fine with cheap white stubbies on her altar. Even when we showed excerpts of the 1647 grimoire of famous witch Gerboise de Toulouse(1), to be exclusively using virgin beeswax candles in order to adher to tradition, she still made excuses, saying things like “well they didn’t have white paraffin candles at that time and times change”.

-Well!!!  That is not being a proper witch at all! Imagine! White candle stubbies! We just kept arguing until everyone in the moot agreed she wasn’t a real witch and she needed to go away to some other group if she wanted to work with cheap stubby white candles!

Now…. Did I just sound like a twat?

But I have a confession to make to you: I lied. That pub moot never took place and I have no problem with white stubby candles(2). I neither have problems with standing in circle with witches that are no longer fertile, or missing organs, limbs or perhaps have a speech impairment or are transgender.

I can imagine some people do have a problem with that. Good for them. Just don’t expect me to follow suit because something they are not able to deal with. There are probably people who can handle things I can’t. I’ll give it a shot, but if it is too much for me, I will graciously bow out and admit my inability to deal with that (3). Not being able to deal with something doesn’t make you a twat, but forcing ones own inability to others does.

(1) The 1647 grimoire of famous witch Gerboise de Toulouse is something I made up, but it does sound impressive, yes?

(2) In contrast to mauve colored candles. I can’t abide them, they set my teeth on edge

(3) Lobsters in circle. Nope, sorry….bowing out on that too..