Why I am an Alexandrian Witch?

Well, first of all, I don’t think I can be anything but a witch. I like witching, it suits me well. People close to me tell me I am rather good at it, so that is nice. As I hinted in some other posts, I have been exposed to various thoughts and school of the occult, so why did I end up being an Alexandrian?

We have to go into a somewhat abridged history here where I have been travelling the world and at one point found myself living in the US of A. I liked my spiritual friends. I liked what they did and I learned a lot from their native American lifestyle. I like the social aspect and the sense of belonging. I connected to the land and my magic worked for me.

Then I moved back to Europe…

And as I tried to keep connected spiritually to the ways I came accosted to, I found it hard, I felt alone. Before I knew it, I reverted back to my roots, trying to connect to the land again. What I did while being in the US just didn’t work as good with this new clay under my feet: I had found myself in Ireland. It took a good 8 years, while I was practising solitary to meet my partner, who was connected with an Alexandrian coven. I decide to tag along and meet these people. They were cool, I liked them.

They were happy to have me in and made me feel welcome. I attended pub moots and I felt at ease; they checked me out and I checked them out. So the day came that I was invited in their temple. These people were not pushy know-it-all’s and made allowances to express myself magically in their sacred space. I immediate had much respect for the HPS and HP. (High Priestess and High priest)

These good people taught me about the Alexandrian tradition and I fell in love with that coven. Times were hard on those people, they were judged wrongly. Things being said about them, by others, who were far away. But I was close and I saw. I experienced the goodness of these people. I was impressed by their faith, their resolve and their willingness to stand for what they believed. So I took my first degree.

Eventually they vindicated themselves, I stuck with them for 2 years. I was not in a hurry to get degrees, I was happy where I was to learn, to put to practise. This coven thought me what it is to be an Alexandrian. Made me feel proud to be one.

There are other Alexandrians. They are far away. they have their own opinion on what it is to be Alexandrians. that is OK, because witches should roll with the land. What works for them over there doesn’t mean it will work over here. I learned that when I moved from the US to Ireland; the land makes its own demands on how things should be.

That is why I am an Alexandrian witch, here in Ireland with these people. I’m perhaps I’m not an Alexandrian witch anywhere else, but does it really matter? I will do my witching right here and that what matters.