Ancestry part 2

Although witches can be stubborn, single minded and never wrong, we still do like to learn. ( at least I do) So after bringing the topic out with my fellow wiccans I received some feedback that really got me thinking. In Ancestry in the Wiccan faith I explored the practice of ancestry worship, based on the […]

Beware of the Florist!

But you do like flowers, right? If you like flowers, you have to be a florist, how could you not be a florist if you like flowers, all florists like flowers! This does sound a bit stupid, right? That is because it is a really silly way of reasoning. You wouldn’t expect someone to make […]

Ancestry in the Wiccan faith

Wicca, as a young religion, doesn’t propose itself as an ancient faith, but as you speak to wiccans, one will notice that the gods and goddesses they choose to work with do  have a historical place. We do have certain rituals in our book of shadows that use secret names, as part of our tradition, but […]

My Lack of Respect

  What seems to bother people is my lack of respect (well, that is what they tell me) and having a long hard think about it, I have to say they are absolutely right about the stinginess in which I hand out this much prized commodity But to be more precise, I am very selective when it comes […]

Cats, wasps and bullshit

It’s something that happens with most people; when you care to vent an opinion, people think they got you sussed out for everything you stand for. It seems that it is trending to become polarized; to be part of one side or the other, lest you should not belong. It seems to be very important […]

Blind justice

It is said that Faith will help a man or woman through hard times; to find the wisdom to know what he can change and accept what he cannot not. Faith is affirmed in good times and tested in bad times. But it seems that having faith in the gods is often more easy than […]