People who are looking to piss off Odin

Just today, a friend at Pagan Federation Ireland, shared a communication of the most unsavoury kind. They were approached by  a  girl claiming to come to Ireland to get married and wanted to know if Pagan Federation Ireland could hook them up with a member of the pagan clergy that married heterosexual couples only and refrained from marrying couples of mixed race.

Very eloquently, Pagan Federation Ireland told them to fuck off.


Now the reaction of us pagans, towards the eloquent and subtle message brought to the enquiries, on behalf of Irish pagans, got a bit of a standing ovation.

It seemed there was a bit of an aftermath to that on which I was being made aware of a communication by someone who was speaking on behalf of, who was very dismayed that they were discriminating against them for holding discriminating and racist views. (yeah, read that sentence again)

In the communication shared with me, I learned that this lovely bunch of people, calling themselves “Odinist” have a rather unsavoury view in regards of Jews, gays, and interracial marriage and we, pagans, are the bad guys for not putting on a brown shirt and jump on the bandwagon.

Now researching a bit, I did come across some other “Odinists” (they prefer to be called Asatru). And they seem to be very reasonable people. If they got one issue, it is that their name is being used in a way that greatly disturbs them.

Especially Goði Meðal Mikit Stór-Ljon Oddhinsson (English Language Revision:
Lady Kreimhild A. Steinberg (Giþya Helhag Helsdottir of NYMAS))

They have to say something about that here

An excerpt reads:

Lord Odin has also mated with Gods of another Tribes or Races if ye
prefer. With the Goddess Jord (Holy Mother Earth),
he generated his most beloved of Sons, the Red Asa-ThorR, God of
Thunder and Guardian of Humankind against the thursic
(destruction) evil forces. Thor is historically the most popular
god, worshipped by the peasants as a fertility diety, due to the benefits
that the rain caused for the welfare of the
With a Jotun (An Giant of Ice), Odhinn sired Vali, our Holy Dark
Avenger. When he experiences a really unfair and treacherous
event and the victim asks him for justice, no mercy
will be lavished upon those traitors.
Then, the nazi teaching against miscegenation and so-called
“racial purity” is completely incompatible, not only with our lore, but with Odinism.

Odin mated with women of other races in order to share their best
qualities and be multiplied unto his sons and cause Change
and Evolution. These two concepts are something that MUST be
highly prized and honored by all True Odinists and Odin’s Trú-Folkar!



But it is alright, my good people Asatru! We know what plagues you, because it is what plagues pagans everywhere. Unfortunately, there are some people who do not get the idea of what pagan spirituality is all about and too often I come across people who say they are pagan, but preach not from a pagan view, but from the cesspools of their black souls, spewing hatred under the guise of spirituality.

It is said that the true pagan doesn’t give a hoot about political correctness. It is also correct that when we think someone should fuck off, we tell it to their face.

And if some people are just looking to piss off Odin? We let them of course 🙂

Update: for part 2, read on here WARNING explicit language


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