Things you should not do in circle

I originally started this blog with “10 things you should not do in circle”

Here are the original 10 things:

  • If you are one of the first to taste the cake and you take a huge bite. leaving the tiniest portion to be passed around the next 10 people. Not funny.
  • Slugging the last bit of wine from the chalice without anything being left. Maybe your coven does only 1 round with the wine, but among Alexandrians (especially Alexandrians!) we do refills and as long there is a bit left, the energy of consecrated wine left will empower the refill.
  • When skyclad, commenting things like “wow, you could do with a shave” or commenting elsewise on the bodies of your brothers and sisters.
  • Fart. Unless you are an Alexandrian and you get to close the Eastern portal, you might get away with it.
  • Hogging the chalice (especially with Alexandrians, you will seriously get frowned upon)
  • Criticise  the food during the feast, unless you cooked it yourself.
  • Again the chalice, slugging down half or more of it when it just got refilled before you pass it down (swine!)
  • Interrupt people (unless you are actually training them). If they get a phrase wrong, you can comment on it later. If they need help, you will know it by the desperate look in their eyes “what is the next bit again?”
  • Let out a blood curling scream when the cake gets cut. (OK that may be funny, but don’t do it if you are a guest)
  • Did I mention wine? Yes, don’t complain about the wine either, unless you brought it yourself.

 Obviously this is a more lighthearted post and thanks to a very contributing group of Alexandrians (yes, I am looking at you, Hibernian line!) I have a few more to add:

  • High priestess taking off one of her flip-flops and hittingthe high priest with it.
  • One wine glass and cakes, passed around, WITH a blessing, somewhere between 150-200 people. So, so long! No wiping the cup, either!
  • Fire being invoked in the north and the south
  • During a purification, one woman pointed out she was asthmatic, and was told white sage was purifying, so it would be fine… Full blown asthma attack.
  • In general, a lot of smudging in any enclosed space – but fire alarms do make it more interesting
  • Having two people get into an argument while waiting during a ritual because someone was speaking to their neighbour
  • Waiting for half an hour, because the priestesses were supposed to be processing in, and no one had been sent to let them know it was time to process!
  • Having the ritual on the beach, too close to the sea, and midway through, the tide came too high – blessings for all!
  • Not telling people what the ritual will involve (especially cultural influences)
  • A public ritual entirely in Sindarin (Tolkien elvish), with invocations to the arch-angels. People were mostly uncomfortable with the arch angels… Not understanding most of the rest of it, was a more minor boo boo.
  • Working off a printed script. Ok, that can be acceptable, but stapling it in the wrong order can get awkward depending when people notice.
  • Prompting your high priestess doing the charge, when she goes into the zone and might have a oracle coming ,prompting her with the wrong line
  • Getting the coven sword stuck in the ceiling
  • Vomit down the HP’s back when he is delivering the 5 fold kiss
  • Standing on the priestess’ hair when SHE is delivering the 5 fold kiss
  • Snoring during the guided meditation,
  • Blowing out quarter candles with flatulence
  • Dropping your dentures in the chalice
  • Throwing the chalice of wine over a priestess (but if her hair is on fire, its fine)
  • Too many people in a small temple waving athame’s and ears being lobbed off
  • Kicking the cauldron across the temple floor
  • Dripping hot wax from a taper candle on someones back

To be continued…