The Ershahunga for Orlando


In the days passing after the Orlando shooting, I managed to do some meditating, mostly because of distancing myself from various social media, as understandably, emotions run high between sadness, anger and fear. It is in this my thoughts went to the god and goddess of lands far away. Of places that I do not know so closely as the land I walk, whose god and goddess may speak to me through the naked feet to the earth and hands raised to the sky. the land makes the gods and goddesses, as in return the gods and goddesses make the land. As such I wondered how spiritually I could send up a rite of prayer to these unknown gods and goddesses, as to ask for mercy and comfort, from an unknown god and goddess for people I don’t even known personally..

As it is, the magical world has its way of handing down what we ask for and as such, I came to study the Erushahuinga, an Sumerian prayer form, From the Simon Necronomicum, there is one called “The Ershahunga to Every God” While in its original form it is a Penitential Psalm, where the devotee is asking forgiveness to the unknown God and Goddess who may have been offended, I adapted it to ask for guidance and comfort for the unknown bothers and sister in unknown lands. In this form we do not blame the gods and goddess for what happened, but we acknowledge that as a society, we have created something where an act of such sorrow could take place, and a plea for the unknown god and goddess to inspire us again, to embrace the good of humanity, bonded in spirit.

“What God have has been offended? What Goddess? What sacrifice has been failed to make? What Unknown Evil has been committed, that my unknown siblings going out should be thus accompanied by the fearful howling’s of a hundred wolves?
May the heart of our God return to its place!
May the heart of our Goddess return to its place!
May the God I do not know be quieted toward us!
May the Goddess I do now know be quieted toward us!
May the heart of the Unknown God return to its place for the unknown siblings!
May the heart of the Unknown Goddess return to its place for the unknown siblings!”