Sexuality in Wicca

Both outside and inside the Wicca community there seems to be a notion that sex is an imported aspect in Wiccan ritual. Perhaps the reason why pagans some prefer a more modern form of Wicca, then say Gardnerian or Alexandrian, as in the ceremonial rituals, there is quite a few references  to man-woman sexuality, or taken […]

A very big Yoink

This is the second yoink I am pulling and again, my unsuspecting victim is the same as in A case of the yoinks, but again, I am without remorse as Abhainn confesses his yoinking from Kelden Mercury’s blog who in turn nabbed it from Vele’s Adventures In Witchery   1. Do you use runes as a […]

A case of the yoinks

Have you ever came across something that is so good, funny and entertaining, you just have to steal it? I’m afraid I might have a few yoinks coming up and this one I blatantly stole from Abhainn, but I don’t feel really bad about it because he yoinked it too. To be sure, he found […]

A ritual of conception and creation

Memories and history Ever since I was a child, I associated sickles with Druids and being a magical tool (I read a lot of Asterix comics)  So after my partner’s grandfather passed away, this old rusty sickle showed up in the shed. No one wanted it, so I asked if I could have it.  Although rusty […]