A case of the yoinks

Have you ever came across something that is so good, funny and entertaining, you just have to steal it? I’m afraid I might have a few yoinks coming up and this one I blatantly stole from Abhainn, but I don’t feel really bad about it because he yoinked it too.

To be sure, he found it on Vele’s Adventures In Witchery and although I thoroughly despise anything remotely smelling like chain letters, I actually enjoyed reading it and putting my own answers in.

1. What is your biggest witchy disaster?

Casting a protective circle with a 6 foot claymore is a bad idea, especially if there is a low ceiling. The damage was quite extensive. I  did mentioned this one in Things you should not do in circle, there is quite an amusing collection of other disasters from fellow witches to be found there

2. What do you wish someone had told you as a new Witch?

If the voice inside says “this is a load of bollocks” then it is probably a load of bollocks. Mind you, sometimes the voice inside says a load of bollocks.

3. Biggest witchy pet peeves?

Lineage waffle*, pseudo literate waffle and talkers who are not walkers.

4. When did you first know there was something different about your spirituality?

I think my grandmother found it out before me. She was the only person that entertained my “fantasy world” where animals spoke to me. (I was about 9 years old)

5. Best witchy book you’ve ever read?

Hmmm, I have to go with Frank Herbert’s Dune. Those Bene Gesserit were very witchy indeed. But I had the most “yes!” moments reading about granny Weatherwax in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels

6. Best witchy movie or tv show?

Call me soppy, but I liked Malevolent a lot 🙂

7. Have you ever doubted your Craft and what did you do about it?

I often doubted the road I was on, but never doubted the journey 🙂


*waffle (Irish contemporary word) : The occurrence when words are uttered by the only virtue of the speaker to be hearing their own voice

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