The Ershahunga for Orlando

  In the days passing after the Orlando shooting, I managed to do some meditating, mostly because of distancing myself from various social media, as understandably, emotions run high between sadness, anger and fear. It is in this my thoughts went to the god and goddess of lands far away. Of places that I do […]

Alexandrian by certain standards

This subject has been grinding my gears a long time: pride in your path. In Wicca, we all seem to be proud of our lineage, where our tradition comes from and respect to those who were directly teaching us the craft.  But lately I find it very hard to embrace an all-encompassing pride to my […]

Being a witch #2

It seems the longer I am in the craft, the more boundaries and limitations seem to be lifted away – or at least, my desire to have such boundaries dissipates. When I was much younger then I am today, I had an urge to label my type of witching, to make it easily identifiable what […]

A wiccan at an Irish funeral

Death is pretty much a part of Life and it does seem, the older you get, the more dates with Death to expect of loved ones and friends departing this plane of existence, or be there for friends and loved ones who lost someone dear to them. Living in Ireland, it does mean that the […]

Doing a world of good (being an asshat)

I often find myself in arguments, discussions and debates. Witches love these! And it is not as much as we like to change other people’s minds, in fact, witches care little about other people’s minds and are mostly concerned about their own. Witches are self centered like that. It’s the same way that we don’t […]

Arguing with a squirrel

When I started writing this blog, I had a friend, who has been on the blogosphere for some time give me some pointers. I explained to him that I was looking at it as a journal of thoughts that one day I may look onto them and laugh at myself, much in the same way […]


I do come across quite a few different ideas about pagan religions and their gods. A popular theory is that the gods were aliens, as not of this world. Not a far fetched idea, seeing that much observable and natural existing phenomena that are attributed to the work of – or embodiment of – gods that […]

The dark side has no cookies

I written some articles about coven ritual, my thoughts on inclusion, rather than exclusion;  All safe, cosy, happy and merry meet and such with a great powerful circle to keep all the bad stuff out and the good stuff in. But another part of the craft for me is the way of the witch; where […]

Principles and Application

I always found that studying a principle (and not just only in magick), things are easier to understand where you have an analogue at hand. As such, Traditions can be valuable, because often enough they will offer analogies and symbolic examples to accompany a principle. For instance, Wicca is viewed as a polarity based system. A […]

Things you should not do in circle

I originally started this blog with “10 things you should not do in circle” Here are the original 10 things: If you are one of the first to taste the cake and you take a huge bite. leaving the tiniest portion to be passed around the next 10 people. Not funny. Slugging the last bit […]